“Testat dermatologic”

January 19, 2010

Faptul ca un produs cosmetic este testat dermatologic te asigura de faptul ca aceste produse nu au fost testate pe animale?

Nu, decat daca este insotit de un text sau o imagine care adauga: “not tested on animals”, sau “against animal testing”, “animal friendly” sau orice asemanator.

Pentru firmele de care nu sunteti siguri, un simplu google de genul: “Is x tested on animals?” clarifica de obicei dilema :).

Ce inseamna atunci “Testat dermatologic” ?

Inseamanca ca produsul x a fost testat de catre un dermatolog.

Toate insemnarile de genul “Testat dermatologic”, “Testat clinic”, “Hypoalgenic” sunt mici trick-uri pentru ca produsul sa para mai sigur. Numai un consumator informat stie sa interpreteze aceste trickuri de marketing.

“Health Which? surveyed over 1,000 people about label claims on cosmetics and toiletries. Asked what they thought the term ‘dermatologically tested’ means, over a quarter said they believe the product had been tested on human skin. While this is correct in a very literal sense, the term doesn’t tell you what the tests were designed to show, or whether the product passed the tests.” link

Pentru ca nu exista o definitie exacta, companiile care testeaza pe animale prefera sa lase situatia ambigua, stiind ca majoritatea consumatorilor se vor uita la cum miroase produsul si nu la ingrediente sau termeni 🙂

Pe site-ul NatraCare se explica termenul foarte clar:

“Claims such as ‘dermatologically tested’ or ‘dermatologist approved’ – found on many cosmetics, toiletries and some washing products – are confusing and potentially misleading. [1]

Such claims imply that a product has reached a certain level of safety or effectiveness, but there are no standard industry-wide definitions to determine how a product must be tested or the results it needs to achieve, before a company can make such a claim. This means that tests designed by companies to substantiate dermatological claims may not necessarily replicate how a product is actually used.

In most cases, the term ‘dermatologically tested’ does not tell you what the tests were designed to show, or whether the product passed these tests. Of the ten leading cosmetics companies, asked to supply evidence to support their claims, only eight replied despite repeated requests. Of the information supplied, this was considered by two independent experts to be only general information about the tests carried out. Without specific details on the methods used, or the results achieved, the experts were unable to assess fully whether the products lived up to their claims.

This lack of standard definitions is confusing, totally misleading and allows malicious companies to take advantage of consumer trust and confusion. Indeed, with companies refusing to supply details of their tests and results, these claims are meaningless, and consumers are left guessing about the benefits implied by such claims.”


3 Responses to ““Testat dermatologic””

  1. I have acquired three rescue dogs that were deserted by their former owners. They are the cuddliest creatures I have ever experienced. It is awful how some individuals treat animals like belongings or worse. My hope is that more people will get trained about this topic.

  2. yoli Says:

    Hi Russell

    I was just saying to someone that a pet is not something that you own. In fact, we don’t own anything for real in this world. But it seems that people are not able.. yet.. to understand this.

  3. Sunt de parere ca toti ar trebuii sa facem ceva si sa protejam aceste animale

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