Un bun motiv sa te lasi de fumat- smokinganimals.com

January 26, 2010

Au trecut aproape 4 luni de cand m-am lasat de fumat, dar daca as fi stiut inainte ceea ce stiu acum, ar fi fost cu siguranta de ajuns sa ma las mai repede.

Smoking doesn’t just kill people.

Hundreds of thousands of animals are still used in cruel tests conducted by cigarette companies.

Even though U.S. federal law does not require that tobacco products be tested on animals and even though smoking experiments on animals have been illegal in Britain since 1997, thousands of animals are still kept in restraints like smoke masks and body holders and subjected to horrific experiments every year.

At this very moment, pregnant monkeys at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center (ORPRC) are being kept in small, barren metal cages, their fetuses exposed to nicotine. Funded by the U.S. government, ORPRC experimenter Eliot Spindel acknowledges that “the deleterious effects of maternal smoking during pregnancy are all too well established.” Yet his five year study, during which he will kill the baby monkeys and dissect their lungs, is funded (with tax money) through 2004.

This is one of countless examples of cruel and completely unnecessary experiments. Experimenters have taken large grants from cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris; from government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institutes of Health; and even from the March of Dimes, to inject animals with nicotine, force them to inhale smoke and addict them to tobacco–a substance that they would never normally encounter or imbibe if left in peace.

Other examples of smoking experiments on animals include :

* Cutting holes in beagles’ throats through which the dogs are forced to breathe concentrated cigarette smoke for a year.

* Inserting electrodes into dogs’ penises to measure the effect of cigarette smoke on sexual performance.

* Strapping masks to the faces of rats and monkeys and permanently restraining them to force them to breathe cigarette smoke constantly.

* Forcing dogs to be on mechanical ventilators and chronically exposed to cigarette smoke.”



5 Responses to “Un bun motiv sa te lasi de fumat- smokinganimals.com”

  1. kzarinne Says:

    e cumplit. habar nu aveam ca se intampla asa ceva. 😦 imi pare extrem de rau ca am fost fumatoare. 😦 some people are just horrible. 😦

  2. econinja Says:

    Felicitari si mult succes in continuare!
    Tigari testate pe animale…?SOC SI GROAZA!NU i mi vine sa cred!Bine ca eu nu fumez,si sunt contra acestui obicei nesanatos dar…de data asta pot adauga si:nonetic.
    Am sa trimit asta catorva prieteni iubitori de animale care fumeaza.

  3. yoli Says:

    mersi mult econinja, dar nu uita ca fiecare isi ia propriile decizii, inclusiv decizia de a fuma- chiar daca stiu despre testarea tigarilor pe animale. dar este important ca oamenii sa fie informati pentru a putea lua decizii in cunostinta de cauza 🙂

  4. imiplacesamaexprim Says:

    a fost greu? :s

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